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BSDanywhere 4.3

Τεχνολογία » Software » Λειτουργικά Συστήματα - 17/10/2008

Το BSDanyware είναι ένα νέο live cd βασισμένο στο OpenBSD, το οποίο σας επιτρέπει να τρέξετε άμεσα και χωρίς εγκατάσταση το OpenBSD, με γραφικό περιβάλλον (Enlightement 17), μια αρκετά καλή συλλογή από προγράμματα και φυσικά με αυτόματο εντοπισμό του hardware. Η πρώτη σταθερή έκδοση του project, η 4.3, μόλις κυκλοφόρησε.

BSDanywhere 4.3

Με το BSDanywhere μπορείτε να δοκιμάσετε τη δύναμη του Unix στον υπολογιστή σας, χωρίς να χρειαστεί πολύπλοκες ρυθμίσεις και εγκατάσταση. Στα πακέτα του θα βρείτε εφαρμογές όπως τα Abiword, Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp, Audacious, ePDFView και πολλά εργαλεία όπως τα nmap, iperf, pftop, trafshow, rsync και alike.

Αναλυτικά όλα τα πακέτα:

BitchX-1.0c18p3     alternative ircII color client
aalib-1.2p3 ascii art library
abiword-2.4.6p3 free cross-platform WYSIWYG word processor
aescrypt-0.7 encrypt/decrypt using Rijndael encryption algorithm
aiccu-20070115 SixXS automatic IPv6 connectivity client utility
amap-5.2p2 next generation scanning tool
angst-0.4bp0 active packet sniffer
arping-2.05p0 ARP level ping utility
atk-1.20.0p0 accessibility toolkit used by gtk+
audacious-1.3.2p1 GTK+-2 media player based on BMP and XMMS
bzip2-1.0.4 block-sorting file compressor, unencumbered
cairo-1.4.14 vector graphics library
curl-7.17.1 get files from FTP, Gopher, HTTP or HTTPS servers
cyrus-sasl-2.1.22p2 RFC 2222 SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer)
darkstat-3.0.707 network statistics gatherer with graphs
desktop-file-utils-0.14p1 utilities for 'desktop' entries
e-20071211p3 the enlightened window manager
ecore-20071211 core event/X abstraction layer
edb-20071211 database convenience library based on db 2.7.7
edje-20071211 complex graphical design & layout library
eet-20071211 library to write an arbitary set of chunks of data to a file
efreet-20071211p1 implementations of specifications
embryo-20071211 C like scripting language used in the Enlightenment project
epdfview-0.1.6p3 lightweight PDF document viewer
esound-0.2.34p1v0 sound library for Enlightenment
evas-20071211 canvas API for X
fribidi-0.10.4p0 library implementing the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
gail-1.20.2p0 GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library
galculator-1.3.1p1 GTK2-based scientific calculator
gettext-0.16.1 GNU gettext
gimp-2.4.3p0 GNU Image Manipulation Program
glib2-2.14.5 general-purpose utility library
glitz-0.5.6p0 OpenGL image compositing library
gnome-icon-theme-2.20.0p2 base icon theme for GNOME
gqview-2.0.4p3 Gtk-based graphic file viewer
gtk+2-2.12.7 multi-platform graphical toolkit
hexedit-1.2.10 view and edit files in hexadecimal or ASCII
hicolor-icon-theme-0.10p1 high-color icon theme shell for GNOME and KDE
hping-2.0.0rc3p1 TCP/UDP ping/traceroute tool
httptunnel-3.3 HTTP tunneling utility
hydra-4.6p3 parallelized login hacker
imapfilter-2.0.9 remote IMAP filtering utility
iodine-0.4.1p0 tunnel IPv4 data through DNS
ipcalc-1.3 small network calculator
iperf-2.0.2p1 tool for measuring maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth
isearch-1.14 text search engine by CNIDR
jpeg-6bp3 IJG's JPEG compression utilities
kermit-8.0.211 serial and network communications package
lcms-1.15 color management library
libart-2.3.20 high-performance 2D graphics library
libaudiofile-0.2.6p0 SGI audiofile library clone
libdnet-1.10p2 portable low-level networking library
libexif-0.6.16 extract digital camera info tags from JPEG images
libglade2-2.6.2p0 library for loading GLADE interface files at runtime
libgnomecanvas- graphics library for GNOME
libgnomeprint-2.18.4 printing framework for GNOME
libgnomeprintui-2.18.1p0 user interface components for libgnomeprint
libiconv-1.9.2p5 character set conversion library
libidn-1.1 internationalized string handling
libmng-1.0.9p1 Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) reference library
libnet-1.0.2ap1 raw IP packet construction library
liboop-1.0 low-level event loop management library
libungif-4.1.4p1 tools and library routines for working with GIF images
libwmf- WMF handling and conversion library
libxml-2.6.30 XML parsing library
lrzsz-0.12.20p0 receive/send files via X/Y/ZMODEM protocol
lua-5.1.2p1 powerful, light-weight programming language
mboxgrep-0.7.8 scan mailboxes for messages matching a regular expression
mcs-0.5.0 abstract the storage of configuration settings
minicom-2.2 MS-DOS Telix-like serial communication program
mozilla-firefox- redesign of Mozilla's browser component
mozilla-thunderbird- redesign of Mozilla's mail component
mutt-1.5.17p0-sasl-sidebar-compressed tty-based e-mail client, development version
nano-2.0.7 Pico editor clone with enhancements
nbtscan-1.5p0 NetBIOS name network scanner
nemesis-1.4p0 command line arbitrary packet builder
nepim-0.39 network pipe meter
netfwd-0.4 netword traffic redirector
netpipe-2.4 self-scaling network benchmark
newsfetch-1.21 download news articles from NNTP server
ngrep-1.45p0 network grep
nmap-4.53 scan ports and fingerprint stack of network hosts
nspr-4.6.8 Netscape Portable Runtime
nss-3.11.9 libraries to support development of security-enabled apps
p5-Digest-HMAC-1.01p0 interface to HMAC Message-Digest Algorithms
p5-Digest-SHA1-2.11p0 module to calculate SHA1 digests
p5-Net-DNS-0.61 module to interface the DNS resolver
p5-Net-IP-1.25p0 perl module for IPv4/IPv6 address parsing
pango-1.18.4 library for layout and rendering of text
pcre-7.6 perl-compatible regular expression library
pftop-0.7 curses-based real time state and rule display for pf
png-1.2.22 library for manipulating PNG images
poppler-0.6.2 PDF rendering library
popt-1.7p0 getopt(3)-like library with a number of enhancements
privoxy-3.0.3p0 web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities
pwgen-2.06 simple password generator
python-2.5.2 interpreted object-oriented programming language
python-expat-2.5.2 expat module for Python
qdbm-1.8.77 high performance embedded database library
queso-980922 determine remote OS using simple tcp packets
radiusniff-0.2 radius sniffer
rsnapshot-1.2.9 remote filesystem snapshot utility
rsync-2.6.9 mirroring/synchronization over low bandwidth links
scanssh-2.1p1 SSH remote version scanner
screen-4.0.3p1 multi-screen window manager
sdl-1.2.13p0 cross-platform multimedia library
smartmontools-5.37p0 control and monitor storage systems using SMART
smtpscan-0.5p0 Remote SMTP Server Detection
ssldump-0.9b3p0 SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer
stress-0.18.9 tool to impose configurable amount of load
stunnel-4.20 SSL encryption wrapper for standard network daemons
tiff-3.8.2p0 tools and library routines for working with TIFF images
tightvnc-viewer-1.2.9p0 client for cross-platform remote desktop access
tor- anonymity service using onion routing
trafshow-3.1 full screen visualization of network traffic
wget-1.10.2p1 retrieve files from the web via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP

Tags: openbsd, bsdanyware, live cd, open source, bsd, unix, enlightement, gimp, firefox, thunderbird, audacious.
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